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Living In The Blessing

Living in Blessing or Miracle

It’s true that we serve a God of miracles. 
But brace yourself, because what I am going to say about that will come as a total shock to some of you. 
The Lord’s preference is not to meet your needs through a miracle.
Now before you think I’ve lost all my faith, hear me out. 
I define a miracle as the suspension or superseding of natural laws, and personally, I’ve received many. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord performs miracles and uses them like a bell to draw people unto Himself.
Miracle is intervention of God in humans affairs.
3 way 
Suspend the law
Reverse the law
Override the law by the superior law Rom 8
But let me ask you, would you rather receive a miracle of healing or live with the blessing of good health? 
Would you rather have the Lord perform a miracle to pull you out of bankruptcy or be so blessed financially that He wouldn’t have to? I think the logical answer to both of those questions is obvious.
It’s always better to avoid problems, which is the result of living in blessing, than it is to be delivered out of them, which requires a miracle.
God’s original intent for His creation was to function under His blessing instead of a miracle. 
Many Christians have asked me, “Pastor, how come when I first got saved it seemed like God just did one miracle after another for me? And how come it now seems like the miracles don’t happen as often as they used to? Somehow I think my life isn’t as spiritual as it used to be because I don’t see as many miracles.”
When we first trusted in God and first got saved, it seemed like no matter what came our way, miracles happened. People knocked at the front door, giving us groceries. I remember laying hands on our broken down car and praying and the engine started. I’ve heard one great testimony one after another and people asking, “Pastor, is there something wrong with my life? Those things just don’t seem to happen as much as they used to.” 
Answer these questions: Is your car as crummy as it used to be or do you have a better car today? Do you have enough food in the cupboard now, where you had no food back then? 
The purpose of God’s miracles is to get you into a life of blessings so He doesn’t have to keep performing miracles for you every single day. 
Which is better, miracles or blessings? The answer is blessings! 
Ephesians 1:3 tells us He has blessed us with all spiritual blessings and those spill over into the natural blessings of our life. This is God’s purpose in life. The many spiritual blessings we have include the new birth, being filled with the Holy Spirit, healing, and prosperity. Spiritual prosperity moves over into the natural prosperity of life. All these are great blessings. 
Attraction to Miracle
 We are attracted to those with the word “miracle” splashed all over it. Christians especially are so caught up with the word ‘miracles’. If we offered a miracle service at church, we could pack the place out, but if I said we’re going to have a blessing service, we would probably have just a few people show up. There’s such a misunderstanding about blessings. 
Remember the Let’s Make a Deal television show? If we have one door marked ‘miracles’ and one door marked ‘blessings’, most everyone would choose the miracle door and ignore the blessing door, which God is trying to tell us there is something greater than miracles and that is the blessings of the Lord. It’s the blessing of the Lord that make rich and adds no sorrow with it. (See Proverbs 10:22.) 
The longest Miracle in the Bible
There is a way to enter into that life of blessing that God wants us to have. The longest running miracle found in the Word of God lasted nearly forty years. It was the miracle of the manna and the quail that fell every day for the children of Israel.
“Where’s the water? We’re out of water. Moses, fetch us water.” 
“Moses, you’re our errand boy. Fetch us water!” 
God provided quail in the afternoon and manna in the morning. In fact, when the children of Israel saw it, they said one to another, “It is manna.” Manna is the Hebrew word for what is it. They looked at it and said, “Manna? What is it?” And God said, “Let’s just call it manna.” Moses explained to them that this is the bread the Lord has sent. They’d never seen it before. Psalm  78:24-25 tells us that what the Lord provided for them was angels’ food. God just took some of the angels’ food in heaven and dropped it down on earth so they could have it, and God did this for forty years. 
1.   Miracles come in a crisis. Aren’t you glad God has moved you out of a state of crisis every day? Aren’t you glad the crisis times are less than they’ve ever been? I’m not saying you’re free from crisis, but aren’t you glad that the times of crisis aren’t as bad as they used to be? A miracle comes in a time of crisis, but a blessing is designed to keep you out of a crisis. Oh, glory to God! Now maybe you’re happy you don’t have to have miracles every single day.
When God sends a miracle, it’s because you’re in a crisis. When you’re in a crisis, you’re occupied with the crisis. All you can think about is that next paycheck or the lack of that next paycheck. All you can think about is that bill. All you can think about is the food or the clothing. In a crisis situation, you’re thinking about yourself and screaming out to God. Then, God comes through with the miracle.
 When my wife and I first got married, we trusted in God, but there were times we didn’t know where it was going to come from. God sent it through. You know what I’m talking about, times when people came to the door with groceries in their hands, times when we didn’t have enough gasoline and God supernaturally made the gasoline last a few more days. Thank God for those days of miracles, but thank God I now have money to buy fuel for my car. Thank God I have a car to buy fuel for. Thank God He’s blessed us. When you’re out of the crisis, you can be occupied with the needs of other people. You can be the one God works through to miraculously meet the needs of others. 
2.   Miracles come in small amounts just enough for the day, just enough for that time; but blessings come in great abundance. God’s will was not just enough bread for the day. He said when you move into the Promised Land, you’re going to eat bread without scarceness. 
3.   A miracle is just enough for you; but blessings are enough for you and to give away to others. How much could the children of Israel gather? Just enough bread for them, for their children, for the wife, for the husband, and that’s it. They couldn’t get any more. If they tried to get any more, the Bible says it bred worms and stank. They could only get enough for themselves just for that day. With a blessing, there will be so much seed in the silo, so much seed stored away, and so much bread stored away; you’re going to have more than you need for your family so you can give it away. This is God’s purpose and why He wants to send blessings our way.
4.   Miracles come even when you’re in unbelief. This is very important. Remember God said He heard the murmurings of the children of Israel? He provided bread for them in the morning and quail in the afternoon. Faith is not needed for a miracle. It’s good to have it, but faith is not needed for a miracle.
Two things are needed for a miracle: a screaming need and a compassionate God. How many times have you given money to someone who had a screaming need even though it was against your better judgment? We’ve all done that. How many times have you given something to your children simply because they cried long enough and you finally gave in and gave it to them, although you knew they didn’t deserve it? They hadn’t cleaned their room this week. They hadn’t mowed the lawn but they got on their knees and cried, “Daddy, Daddy, please! Please! Please!” 
Blessings are always associated with seed. Miracles are not. Miracles have nothing to do with seed; it’s God acting in sovereignty.
Do you know what the curses are that Jesus has redeemed us   from? That effect the life we live on this earth…. 
   1. The Curse of the Law  that we have been redeemed from is               Found in Deut 28:15-57  
   a. vs 15 – 20  fifteen curses upon children and material property  
   b. vs 12 – 29 six curses of sickness and poverty   
  c. vs 30 – 44 twenty six new and old curses of defeat, captivity,     sickness, persecution, and insanity   
  d. vs 45 – 47 eight reasons why curses are restored / released 
    e. vs 48 – 57  twenty one curses of slavery, death, cannibalism,        and extreme poverty   
 Thru the Blood Jesus Christ shed on Calvary’s        cross….everyone who repents and becomes Born Again  
  1. Gal 3:13 has been “redeemed  from the curse of the law”  
  2. Gal 3:14 “Blessings of Abraham might come upon the           Gentiles”      
   3. Gal 3:29 “If you are Christ’s (Born Again)”…..you are then a                         “ HEIR  according to the promise ”    
My Wealth Zone
III. When God creates a people or a person: He does so with   resting upon their lives: Example…. Gen 10:1 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah ,        Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after        The flood. Gen 10:20 These are the sons of Ham , after their families,        after their tongues, in their countries, and in their nations. A. Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, Japheth   1. example of purpose for a people & a person is revealed in        Vs 20 for the sons of Ham    a. note the wording: “in their countries  and in their nations”   2. This word for “nations” deals with a geographic location    a. But the word countries is describing more than just a         geographic location       b. COUNTRIES : is actually describing a WEALTH ZONE 
B. Give you an example of a wealth zone to be managed by a       People for the glory of God:
    1. Nigeria West Africa:   Oil 
   2. Ghana / Gold Coast: Gold   
 3. Sierra Leone: Diamonds      a. These people are to manage these wealth zones for the           glory of God………instead they let the devil rule thru        (a) civil war, corruption, greed        (b) causing the people to live in poverty instead of blessings  
C. Every People Group / Every Person upon the earth is given a        Wealth zone to manage for the glory of God     
  1. That wealth zone includes:     
   a. a nation, state, city  
   b. from your home, to your business, career, your finances      
  c. from your family to your ministry      
   (a) will you let the devil have his way        
  (b) or will we walk in the Blessing of Abraham and manage     our wealth zone          © from the treasury of a nation to your pay check             (1) SAY: I AM MANAGING A WEALTH ZONE
To enter into a life of blessing we must begin by sowing seed, which is the tithe. The tithe is your entrance into a financial life of blessing. 

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